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All the news, fit to search

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

Print-to-online publisher PageSuite has put over 520 titles from 60 newspaper publishers online at a single source with Mydigitalnewspaper. The site enables users to search digital newspapers from the United Kingdom, North America and the “rest of the world.”

Mydigitalnewspaper allows searches by country, publication, date or the type of title, such as daily, weekly, monthly, free and paid titles, supplements and archived.

(from WebNewser)

‘Flyerboards’ newest online ad

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

An online ad modeled after coffee shop bulletin boards has caught on with Hearst Newspapers and others, says ClickZ.

The ads, developed by PaperG, “appear on the left side of the page and contain an array of small ads within them (example here). When clicked, the small ads expand into a larger unit that provides detailed information on the business, a link to its Web site, and a map. There’s also a ‘send’ box in the lower right hand corner that viewers can use to send the ads to friends, post them on their Facebook and MySpace pages or embed them on their blogs.”

PaperG offers Flyerboards to newspapers and other publishers on a rev-share basis, so there’s no cost until they sell ads, according to Roger Lee, PaperG’s chief operating officer.

They were launched last fall, and used first by and, the Houston Chronicle’s site. Last week, Hearst Newspapers, which owns the Chronicle, announced it will deploy Flyerboards across its 15 newspapers.

KC Star adopting furloughs, buyouts

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

McClatchy’s Kansas City Star is requiring one-week furloughs for most employees before the end of the year and is offering a voluntary separation program to the majority of its regular, full-time employees, the Kansas City Business Journal reports.

Other McClatchy newspapers, including The News & Observer in Raleigh, instituted furloughs earlier this year and have offered buyouts in the last year.

“We are doing this because many employees continue to express interest in a voluntary program during this time of industry transition, and because we want to put The Star in the best financial position possible going into 2010,” Star Publisher Mark Zieman said in a memo to staff. There is no targeted number for the buyouts.

The Business Journal also quotes McClatchy Treasurer Elaine Lintecum confirming that the company-wide salary freeze has been extended through the end of the year.