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Smaller N&O due Monday

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

The already-thin Monday News & Observer will be even smaller next week as the paper’s move to a 44-inch width debuts. Executive Editor John Drescher noted the change from the current 48-inch web in a Saturday column about additional changes coming next week.

The smaller size, which many newspapers are moving to,  saves money on newsprint, one of newspapers’ biggest expenses.  In 2004, The N&O was the first paper in the U.S. to move from a 50-inch web to 48 inches.

Some N&O sections and, in particular, Wednesday’s community newspapers will be printed on the wider paper next week, giving readers a clear picture of the latest size reduction.

Advertisers were notified weeks ago of the changes, and some even started prematurely sending ads to fit the smaller column widths. Behind the scenes, in addition to re-configuring the presses, staffers have been adjusting hundreds of templates for the narrower paper.

Among other changes coming Monday, the daily weather page will return to its half-page size and include international cities and other additional information, TV listings will move to page 2A, and the Classsifieds section will be run in six columns instead of 10.