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AOL new home for journalists

Monday, August 17th, 2009

The New York Times finds that the latest incarnation of AOL offers more than 80 Web sites that are employing journalists who formerly worked at such top publications as The New York Times, National Journal, The Washington Post, Portfolio, The Dallas Morning News and The Chicago Sun-Times.

There are 300 working content producers in AOL’s New York headquarters, backed by hundreds of freelancers and programmers at other sites, the NYT says. AOL owns such sites as TMZ, a celebrity news and gossip site; Politics Daily, which began in April and already has 3.6 million unique users a month; Engadget, a suite of consumer technology blogs; and FanHouse, a sports site. In the aggregate, the media properties at AOL have about 76 million unique visitors.

AOL has had several identities, beginning as perhaps the top Web portal in the dial-up days, and moving through a failed merger with Time Warner (Time Warner announced plans to spin the enterprise out on its own by the end of this year), a try as an entertainment channel and as a free e-mail provider.