The next threat: digital coupons

The Sunday newspaper still dominates, but a new study of coupon usage by Scarborough Research finds that virtual coupons in the form of text messages and e-mail are becoming more popular, says Media Daily News.

Scarborough says 8.6 million households get coupons via text messages or e-mail, equaling about 8 percent of U.S. households; 7 percent get their coupons from Web sites. That’s a long way from the 51 percent of households that get coupons from the Sunday newspaper, or the 35 percent that rely on in-store coupons but, says Media Daily News, “The demographic characteristics of digital coupon users are also quite attractive. Consumers who get coupons via e-mail or text messages are 51 percent more likely than the mainstream population to be college graduates (or hold a post-graduate degree) and also skew younger.”

The survey also found that digital couponing is more popular in college towns.

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