Bigger not necessarily better online

The placement and shape of an online ad has more to do with its effectiveness than its size, according to a study by Dynamic Logic.

“The ad-effectiveness measurement firm crunched results from 4,800 campaigns and found the best-performing ad unit, in terms of metrics such as brand awareness, recall and purchase intent, was the humble 180-pixel-by-150-pixel rectangle ad,” says Advertising Age.

Ads that surround content – well-worn skyscraper and leaderboard units – are the least effective, as people have developed “banner blindness,” Ken Mallon, senior VP-custom solutions at Dynamic Logic, told the magazine.

The No. 1 factor of ad effectiveness, according to Dynamic Logic, is creative. “In the digital world, lots of time is spent optimizing targeting and campaign frequency, but the most important factor is starting with a good ad,” Mallon said. “Just about any size will work better than a bad ad that’s huge.”

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