N&O employee sales contest nets 245+ orders

The News & Observer’s move to draft all of its employees to sell subscriptions has resulted in more than 245 paid orders sold by 65 employees, VP for Circulation Jim Puryear told The N&O’s staff in an e-mail Friday.

The paper is paying  “commissions totaling a whopping $10,000” in  December 11 paychecks. And because the contest exceeded its goal of 200 paid orders, gift cards worth a total  of $550 went to  four salesmen.

One of the “salesmen” taking home a gift card was reporter Matt Ehlers, who ran a classified ad in The N&O and on Craigslist in his effort to sell subscriptions.

The contest’s top seller — not Ehlers — sold 66 subscriptions.

The contest began October 1 and ran through November 23, with subscriptions sold at a discount. Employees earned a 50 percent commission on each sale.

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