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Newspaper coupons grow at a nice clip

Friday, December 11th, 2009

Advertising is down $10.9 billion, or 11.5 percent, through the first nine months of the year but, says Peter Kafka at MediaMemo, “Something you may not know: Those newspapers no one reads or advertises in anymore? They’re increasingly filled with coupons, or “free-standing inserts,” in industry parlance. Those are up 11.2 percent this year.”

The one vehicle doing better? Spanish-language cable TV, up 36.7 percent.

E&P’s ‘bread and butter’ evaporated

Friday, December 11th, 2009

Anyone who studied journalism in college or hoped to find a job in journalism coming out of college can tell you that their want ads is what Editor & Publisher was all about. And, says MediaJobsDaily, the reliance on classifieds revenue is what killed the 125-year-old publication (see the post below).

“Beyond the fact that classified ads in this specific industry have disappeared, though, job ads — just like everything else that’s a classified ad — have been migrating to the Web. Just another Craigslist casualty. ”

Meanwhile, the news media is all over the death of its most significant trade publication. “The news made the home page of The New York Times, received lengthy reports in The Washington Post, the Associated Press, and other leading papers, along with NPR, CBS News, and other leading outlets, along with hundreds of Web sites and blogs,” says E&P.

E&P staffers received 1,000 or more emails — many from well-known media figures — expressing shock and/or support, some pledging to send money for print or online subscriptions to keep the magazine going. E&P Editor Greg Mitchell was quoted by numerous outlets declaring that the wide show of support gave him hope that someone or some company would step forward and maintain the operation in some form.”