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E&P keeps hope – and January issue – alive

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Editor & Publisher has announced that it will publish a January issue and refutes claims that its demise, reported last week, was caused by the Romenesko news media blog. A report on the magazine’s Web site attributed to “E&P Staff” adds, “a number of outside companies and individuals have expressed interest in possibly keeping E&P going, so stay tuned for updates.”

“[T]he outpouring of support for E&P from within and outside the newspaper industry, and from readers and advertisers alike, led to a decision by staffers to go forward with the January issue, and continuing to post stories at E&P Online until January 1 when, under current plans, the end of the line will arrive,” E&P says.

Elsewhere on the site, Editor-at-Large Mark Fitzgerald says, “E&P was wounded … by a newspaper industry that continues to contract its production footprint. Newspapers are consolidating printing and distribution plants and centers for back office and copyflow. Publishers and production executives are not greenlighting equipment purchases. They are outsourcing work, and mothballing or selling the machines they already have.

“Those decisions — and the decision-makers who sit in the executive suites and not in the newsroom — have made for a brutal advertising and marketing environment for E&P’s advertisers.”