Miami paper collecting readers’ donations

The Miami Herald is deriving revenue by soliciting donations on its Web site, say Executive Editor Anders Gyllenhaal. Credit card forms linked at the bottom of articles on and since last week enable donations to the McClatchy Newspapers properties.

“The first few days of this experiment have elicited an encouraging steam of gifts, ranging from $2 to $55,” Gyllenhaal wrote in Sunday’s paper. “They’ve also provoked an array of reactions, here and across the country, since this has drawn attention as the first effort of its kind.”

He does not provide any further information about the amount raised.

“We think of this as a way to try something new at a time when The Herald has dozens of experiments under way,” he said. “We hope it helps us explore how readers view this whole equation. It also responds to the small but steady group of readers who, like the caller the other day, have asked how they can contribute.”

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