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Newspapers get small share of political ads

Monday, February 8th, 2010

Newspapers can expect to see less than 8 percent of the $4.2 billion to be spent on political advertising in 2010, a new report from Borrell Associates says. That share comes out to $329 million.

Most will go to broadcast TV with 61 percent, or $2.6 billion, Editor & Publisher’s reading of the report says, followed by cable TV at a very distant second with a 9.1 percent share. Only 1 percent, or $45 million, of political dollars is expected to be spent on Internet ads — 73 percent more than in 2008.

Last year was relatively quiet on the political front, yet spending outpaced 2000 levels,” E&P says. “The recent Supreme Court ruling that allows corporations to now spend on politics caused Borrell analysts to bump up its forecast 10 percent.”

The Fitz & Jen blog charts the numbers for each medium.