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Newspaper pre-prints the next victim of online?

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

Two surveys suggest that newspapers’ pre-print inserts could go the way of classified advertising as online coupons grow in popularity, says Media Daily News. —  which allows consumers to find coupons they want and print them out at home, download them to mobile devices, or transfer them to stores’ loyalty card accounts — says its digital coupon business grew 170 percent in 2009 compared to 2008, in terms of the volume of savings.

Meanwhile, a white paper released by the Newspaper Association of America and Kannon Consulting says newspaper inserts are in trouble, with big retailers like Sears demanding double-digit rate cuts and the CMO of J.C. Penney’s expressing concern that prepaid inserts don’t reach as many younger consumers. Media Daily News quotes from an analysis of the months-old proprietary white paper by the Poynter Institute’s Rick Edmonds.

The report, says Edmonds,  “warned that inserts, which account for half of retail advertising, are ‘under siege.’ The industry, notoriously pokey in providing return-on-investment metrics or in facilitating ease of placement, needs to tone up its act in a hurry, the report suggests.”

A Scarborough Research report last August said about 7 percent of U.S. households get their coupons from Web sites and about 8 percent get them via text messages or e-mail. In December, a report said spending on newspaper inserts was up 11.2 percent for the year.

In November, The News & Observer’s VP for Display Advertising cited a focus on selling pre-prints as one factor in the decision to discontinue publication of the company’s bi-monthly lifestyle magazine.

Down is the new “up”

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

A couple of “less bad is good” stories today:

Monthly magazines’ latest quarterly decline in ad pages, at 5.7 percent, is “not the same as a gain but a much smaller loss than the double-digit plunges that have been seen since the third quarter of 2008,” Advertising Age says. Ad pages fell in 94 monthlies this quarter and grew in 59, according to the Media Industry Newsletter.

Total revenue for Lee Enterprises fell just 9.2 percent in January compared with a year ago — the first single-digit percentage decline since 2008, and the fifth consecutive month in which the year-over-year revenue comparison moderated, according to Editor & Publisher.