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Targeted TV commericals advance in testing

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

Almost a third fewer TV commercials were skipped in a test of targeted ads conducted by the cable giant Comcast in Baltimore last year, Ad Week says. The ability to aim commercial spots at specific households “creates billions of dollars in the TV marketplace per year,” one official said.

The test used technology developed by Invidi to deliver “different ads within the same cable network commercial breaks to different household groupings, based on segmentation data provided by data-management firm Experian,” the report says. Viewers fast-forwarded through 32 percent fewer commercials.

“It was 65 percent more efficient to buy an addressable spot to reach the advertiser’s true audience, even factoring into the calculation a premium for the seller,” said Michael Kubin, an executive vice president with Invidi. And that efficiency, he said, “on a national basis creates billions of dollars in the TV marketplace per year.”

Kubin said this second test of the system proves it works and indicates that the next step is to bring it to the marketplace.

Chuck Ross of TV Week calls the test results “nothing short of phenomenal” and his headline writer calls the test a “game changer.”