Writing on newspaper industry’s wall is clear

A new count by Media Daily News says the newspaper industry has lost 105,000 jobs in the last decade, as the “rise of the Internet began lowering the curtain on the golden age of print.”

Based on records kept by the U.S. Census Bureau and Department of Labor and tallies by various industry watchers, total employment in the newspaper publishing business has declined from 414,000 in 2001 to 309,000 at the end of 2009, a 25.4 percent drop over the course of eight years,” the report says.

Job cuts in newsrooms accelerated last year as “publishers finally decided they had cut other business functions to the bone, and reluctantly began cutting costs in the newsroom.”

The obvious conclusion: “if 2010-2011 doesn’t bring a big rebound in newspapers’ fortunes, coming years may see the quality and quantity of journalism suffer noticeably.”

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