Magazines show ad growth in few sectors

New figures from the Publishers Information Bureau show some advertisers are coming back to magazines, says Advertising Age, including automotive advertisers, whose spending on ad pages and rate-card ads rose in the past quarter for the first time since 2007.

“Three of the 12 major advertising categories in magazines ran more magazine ad pages in the first quarter this year than in the first quarter last year: financial, insurance and real estate, which increased ad pages by 11.3 percent; toiletries and cosmetics, which increased ad pages by 7.6 percent; and automotive, which increased ad pages by a slim 1.3 percent,” the magazine says.

“The other nine big marketer categories continued to post significant drops, led by apparel and accessories, which ran 15.7 percent fewer ad pages; drugs and remedies, which ran 15.6 percent fewer ad pages; technology, which ran 14.7 percent fewer pages; media and advertising, which ran 13 percent fewer ad pages; and public transportation, hotels and resorts, which also ran 13 percent fewer ad pages.”

“Keep in mind that these comparisons are being made against a quarter last year that was wholly abysmal, with a 25.9 percent drop in ad pages by the bureau’s count,” the magazine says.

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