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Newspaper ads up online, continue to fail in print

Friday, May 28th, 2010

The Newspaper Association of America said Thursday that U.S. newspapers saw a gain in online advertising sales in the first quarter of this year that represents the first growth since the same period in 2008. But print advertising, which is where newspapers really make their money, continued to fall.

Online ad sales rose 4.9 percent in the quarter to $730.4 million, well shy of the $2.96 billion newspapers earned through their largest advertising segment, retail — or display — advertising.

Revenue from printed retail advertising fell 11 percent in the quarter, according to a Bloomberg report, which compares well to a 24 percent drop in the same period a year earlier. Classified advertising fell 14 percent to $1.25 billion, and national ads fell 8.3 percent to $1.04 billion.

Age cited as factor in news distribution

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Your age dictates how you share news that you find online, a survey by says, but you’re probably not particular about where you get it in the first place.

“Among people aged 45 and older, 68 percent share news stories they see via e-mail, while 54 percent of those under 45 use Facebook,” a Min Online report about the survey says. “Among those 24 and younger, however, 90 percent use either Facebook or Twitter as the way they trade interesting news items with others.”

Regardless, almost everyone — 82 percent of adults — has “interacted with a news story on a site” and 83 percent say they are comfortable posting comments about online news stories.

The survey also found that people will read news from multiple sources, with as many as 80 percent saying they choose unfamiliar sources online.

“The results generally confirm publisher fears that online information gatherers have limited brand loyalty,” the report says. “The search-driven information economy has effectively leveled the brand playing field and challenged the brand equity many publishers spent decades building.”