Nielsen spews nonsense about DVR commercials

Media Daily News last Thursday posted an article about Nielsen ratings that says more people are using DVRs and are watching more commercials in their recordings. In the comments, readers call the latter claim laughable.

Nielsen says viewers watch between 40 percent and 50 percent of commercials during DVR playback,” Media Daily News says. “These numbers have climbed from previous estimates, where viewers were watching anywhere between 30 percent to 40 percent.”

As Richard Tamborrino, key accounts manager at The Miami Herald, says in his comment, “This contention is absolutely ridiculous…the whole concept of recording programming is for ‘on-demand’ entertainment…You can watch a one-hour drama in 44 minutes, and it’s being done with great regularity.”

Use of DVRs has risen 90 percent since 2007. “DVR penetration among (Nielsen’s) national people markets is at 37 percent, with local people meter markets at 41 percent,” the article says.

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