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Twitter kills the PR star

Monday, September 13th, 2010

“The long-suffering, much-maligned press release, I’d argue, finally died this summer,” Simon Dumenco says in Advertising Age today.

They’ve been replaced by Twitter, and the last nails in the press release coffin were driven by BP (with another failure), JetBlue and, finally, Kanye West.

“[I]ncreasingly, the news media has a nifty new way of ‘reporting’ entertainment news: regurgitating celebrity tweets,” he writes. “It wasn’t that long ago that a celebrity with something ‘important’ to put out there, like an apology, would automatically say it through a tightly controlled protocol, like a set of engineered sound bites delivered via a well-staged interview. Now 140 characters or fewer suffices.”

But, “Of course, press releases will probably continue to stumble along, zombie-like, for years to come, because too many PR folks are still heavily invested in grinding them out,” Dumenco says.