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TV rules as advertising slowly recovers

Monday, October 4th, 2010

As advertising rebounds worldwide, television is the one old medium fully recovering while newspapers continue to fail and others show meager growth, The Economist says.

“First, its power to monopolize attention is undiminished,” the magazine says. Online and mobile video are growing but have nowhere near the presence of TV. Newspapers have largely moved online, where they make much less money. But TV viewing has risen – up to 158  hours per month in the first quarter of the year, two hours more last year.

And, TV works better. “Search engines and online banners are not nearly so good at making people aware of new products,” The Economist says. “Nor do they offer emotional experiences. Television’s ability to build brands by surrounding adverts with gripping content is unsurpassed. Online video is still not a serious competitor, partly because viewers are less tolerant of ads, partly because much of it is poor.”

Social network marketing is seen as one threat to TV, but so far what’s being spent on it is hardly measurable, the magazine says. Keith Weed, the head of marketing at Unilever, “forecasts a drift from paid advertising to ‘earned’ media, including Facebook, as companies learn to build brands through discussion.