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Charlotte Observer tries 3D in paper, online

Saturday, October 9th, 2010

The Charlotte Observer goes 3D Sunday with its special section for the beginning of race week at Charlotte Motor Speedway and will follow up with a 3D photo in the paper every day next week, editor Rick Thames explained Thursday.

The Sunday paper will come with 3D glasses for viewing racing photos in the paper and online at and That’

“Our sports and photo staffs sifted through hundreds of great racing moments from our archives for this 20-page section, Thames said. “It includes legendary drivers, faithful fans, grinding competition on the track and furious action in the pits.”

The Observer’s director of  photography, Bert Fox, said editors looked for depth, action and simplicity. “As 3D images, foreground objects come at you and background objects fall off,” Fox said. “In the photos, race cars stretch far into the background, a pit crew looks like they’ll jump into your lap, drivers jump in the arms of race fans and helicopters fly off the page.”

And, since readers will have the glasses, Thames said, they figured they should give them more to look at from Charlotte and the region throughout the week.