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Interactive TV ads offer ‘endless’ opportunity

Monday, October 18th, 2010

The next big thing in television advertising, interactive ads, could be ready to take a big leap.

Media Daily News says Canoe Ventures already has “request for information” ads on such cable networks as AMC and Style, and is developing an iTV product involving polling and trivia questions. “The opportunities for an advertiser are endless,” David Goetzel writes.

Viewers with iTV capabilities could take part in live votes on shows like “Top Chef” and an advertiser could sponsor the results, for example.

“[R]esults of studies Canoe conducted … show interactive advertising is effective across three metrics: recall, opinion and purchase intent,” the article says.

Canoe’s request-for-information ads boosted unaided brand recall by 132 percent on average in testing, the company said. “Also when a poll runs during a show with an attached sponsor – followed by a related spot in the next break – results showed better unaided recall (167 percent higher) than if the spot did not follow,” Online Media Daily said.

“Canoe is owned by the six largest cable operators and licenses its technology to deliver iTV ads to national cable networks. … Ultimately, Canoe wants to run iTV ads in tens of millions of homes that have digital cable.”