Daily Beast chair says printed version next step

Barry Diller, chairman of the company that owns the Daily Beast, the Huffington Post challenger run by Tina Brown, plugged print as a viable advertising medium in a conference about third-quarter earnings Wednesday.

“One way or another, we’ll either find something or we’ll create somehow, as Politico did, a print product to go with the Beast,” Diller said, according to Business Insider. “For advertisers, that makes sense.”

Diller said the two-year-old Daily Beast, which posted a 44 percent revenue increase, will be profitable soon.

Asked about failed talks of a merger between The Daily Beast and Newsweek, Diller said Brown’s background in magazines makes print a logical step. “The idea that that sensibility (of the Daily Beast) would then come to a print product as a companion piece made industrial sense,” he said.

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