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Don’t dismiss older consumers, NBCU says

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

NBC Universal is telling advertisers that old folks spend money more than they think they do and they should be targeted with advertising.

By “old,” they mean people aged 55 to 64, a new demographic group dubbed the “AlphaBoomers.”

“Every seven seconds someone turns 55, and once they do, they are eliminated from the highest-end Nielsen demo measurement: 25-54,” Allen Wurtzel, president of research and media development at NBCU, told Mediaweek. “It is the fastest-growing demo group in the country and now numbers 35 million people that account for close to $2 trillion in annual spending.”

AlphaBoomers  have a median household income of $69,000, dwarfing that of those under 25 ($27,000), better than the 25-34 group ($58,000), and close to those 35-44 ($75,000).

Wurtzel and NBCU want Nielsen to make the older demo group official and start counting it in ratings, but the entire industry needs to accept the idea to make it worthwhile.

“Wurtzel [said] the goal of creating the new demo as part of industry currency is not to impact program development to people in that age group, but to get advertisers to realize that people in that demo make buying decisions similar to younger demos,” Mediaweek said.