McClatchy to offer its own daily deals

McClatchy’s websites are set to launch a Groupon-like daily deals program next month while maintaining a partnership with Groupon, Ad Age says.

McClatchy could collect as much as 50 percentĀ  from deals it sells and distributes through the in-house program, compared to 15 percent it reportedly gets from Groupon.

Groupon negotiates discounts with local businesses and offers coupons to subscribers through daily email. The benefit to local businesses increases as subscribers post the deals to social media sites.

McClatchy’s move follows others publishers that have tried their hand at their own Groupon-like programs.

Christian Hendricks, McClatchy’s VP-interactive media, says the publisher is taking what it learned from Groupon and applying it internally. “There’s no reason we can’t continue our relationship [with Groupon]; the agreement allows us to do both,” Hendricks said. “We will be in the same business.”

McClatchy, which publishes 30 daily newspapers, joined Groupon in July and offers it in 21 markets, including nine added in the last two weeks.

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