Newspaper ads still get most action, survey finds

Newspaper advertising is still where people turn to plan, shop and make buying decisions, says a  survey sponsored by the Newspaper Association of America.

The survey (.pdf) of 2,500 adults by Frank N. Magid Associates found that four-in-five adults (79 percent) said they “took action” as a result of newspaper advertising in the past month. This included clipping a coupon, buying something, visiting a website for more information or trying something for the first time.

Preprints are extremely popular, the survey found, with 90 percent of adults saying they regularly or occasionally read Sunday inserts; for the full week the figure stands at 79 percent. Over the course of 30 days, 79 percent of respondents acted on newspaper preprint advertising.

When researchers compared newspaper ads to other media as a “primary medium for checking advertising,” they found newspapers on top at 35 percent, followed by the Internet at 28 percent, direct mail at 12 percent, television at 9 percent and other media in lower single digits.

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