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The Medium, The Message follows the world of advertising, in particular, but not limited to, print advertising, with a focus on newspapers and the McClatchy Company (MNI).

An earlier version of this blog appeared on Display Today, the intranet site of the Display Advertising Department at The (Raleigh, N.C.) News & Observer, until management banned it because “negative” news about the industry made advertising sales reps too sad to do their jobs. “Banned” is too strong a word; I was told to only publish “positive” news, and my explanation that positive and negative are simply the reader’s perspective and not inherent in news itself proved futile.

I was employed by the News & Observer Publishing Company from June 23, 1997 to August 7, 2009. I was editor of Living in Style magazine and other publications  when I was one of 10 people laid off. I own more than 1,900 shares of McClatchy stock.

If the content of this blog is likely to make you too sad to do your job or perform other life functions, we ask that you not read it.

Meanwhile, if you have a tip or a comment, please send it along. And check out my other websites at Carolina Outdoors Guide, a directory of public outdoor recreation sites in North Carolina, and Carolina Music Festivals, a calendar and guide to music festivals in North Carolina.

Christopher E. Nelson
Clayton, NC

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