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Turner cable tying ads to shows’ content

Monday, April 11th, 2011

Time Warner has spent four years developing the ability to place commercials written to play off of a precise moment in the story of the show they run in for its Turner channels, Ad Age reports. The idea is to “make … commercials more indistinguishable from the programs they … interrupt.”

“Turner is ‘tagging’ specific moments in movies and series, trying to find dialogue, action or themes that echo a message an advertiser might like to promote, and then creating related ad vignettes that’ll appear in the spaces between when a program segment ends and a commercial break begins,” the magazine says.

The Turner cable project is targeting advertisers in programs on TBS, TNT and Tru.

For example, an ad that shows men hitting golf balls at a range would be created to run during TNT’s “Men of a Certain Age,” in which the lead character played by Ray Romano is trying to make the Senior Tour.

Over at AMC, they ran commercials for Unilever products during “Mad Men” last season that copied the style of the show and, like the show, were set at an early 1960s-era ad agency.

A source told Ad Age that the Turner cable unit has invested a “seven-figure sum” building new software and hiring staff to tag specific segments in movies and TV shows run on the various channels.

Viewers are 25 percent more receptive to ads that play off of  a show’s content compared to standard commercials, research conducted for Turner found.

A viewer “could be zooming through” with a DVR, but if the advertising looks like the content the viewer tuned in to see in the first place, “they are trained to stop and watch it,” said Linda Yaccarino, exec VP and chief operating officer of Turner Entertainment ad sales, marketing and acquisitions.

Interactive TV ads offer ‘endless’ opportunity

Monday, October 18th, 2010

The next big thing in television advertising, interactive ads, could be ready to take a big leap.

Media Daily News says Canoe Ventures already has “request for information” ads on such cable networks as AMC and Style, and is developing an iTV product involving polling and trivia questions. “The opportunities for an advertiser are endless,” David Goetzel writes.

Viewers with iTV capabilities could take part in live votes on shows like “Top Chef” and an advertiser could sponsor the results, for example.

“[R]esults of studies Canoe conducted … show interactive advertising is effective across three metrics: recall, opinion and purchase intent,” the article says.

Canoe’s request-for-information ads boosted unaided brand recall by 132 percent on average in testing, the company said. “Also when a poll runs during a show with an attached sponsor – followed by a related spot in the next break – results showed better unaided recall (167 percent higher) than if the spot did not follow,” Online Media Daily said.

“Canoe is owned by the six largest cable operators and licenses its technology to deliver iTV ads to national cable networks. … Ultimately, Canoe wants to run iTV ads in tens of millions of homes that have digital cable.”