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Many newspapers not publicizing Twitter use

Friday, December 18th, 2009

More newspapers and their reporters are using Twitter to reach readers, as American Journalism Review notes, but they’re not necessarily doing it well, a study of 300 Twitter profiles at the top 100 newspapers in the country says.

“We were able to find multiple Twitter accounts for all of the top 100 newspapers using common sense searching techniques,” the Bivings Group says. “However, only 62 percent of the newspapers included links to at least one of their accounts from their Web site. In many cases these links were buried on the site and difficult to track down.”

Only 56 percent of newspapers maintained a directory of their Twitter accounts on their Web site.

(The Star News of Wilmington, which the AJR article spotlights, has a directory of its more than 40 Twitter accounts linked from the front page at “Follow us on Twitter.”)

Thirty-three percent of the accounts looked at replied to users in less than 1 percent of their tweets, Bivings says. Fifteen percent had never replied to another user’s tweets.