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BP spent millions on ads after oil rig collapse

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

The BP oil well disaster has been good for the coffers of local media outlets across the country, according to a report at Editor & Publisher.

BP spent $93,429,175 on advertising between April and the end of July, more than three times the amount the firm spent on advertising during the same period in 2009, according to information released last week by the Congressional Committee on Energy and Commerce.

The spending was almost entirely for advertising in national and local newspapers and magazines, and on national and local television stations.

The firm bought newspaper ads in 126 markets in 17 states in the three months after the spill, including papers in Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Maryland, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Texas.

Deepwater Horizon, a massive oil rig owned by Transocean Ltd., a Swiss firm, and leased to BP PLC was drilling about 52 miles southeast of Venice, La., in 5,000 feet of water when fire erupted on the evening of April 20. Most of the 126-member crew escaped from the burning oil rig, which eventually collapsed and sank into the ocean. Eleven crew members were killed and at least 17 workers suffered injuries.

Targeted ads to pace 2011 growth online

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Online ad spending should grow by 14 percent next year, with targeted display ads, social media and video streaming leading the way, says a new projection by Borrell Associates.

Total online spending should amount to $51.9 billion next year, according to Editor & Publisher’s reading of the study.

“The big driver will be targeted display (such as banner ads) advertising, which we expect to grow almost 60 percent in 2011, reaching $10.9 billion for national and local combined,” the memo says. Streaming video, now in reach of even the smallest advertisers, should also grow by 60 percent.

Run-of-site display advertising, which Borrell says is less productive, is expected to decline 14 percent next year to $8.2 billion in local and national spending. National paid search ads will also fall by double digits in 2011, the firm says.

Street no longer buying ‘cost-cutting’

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

Editor & Publisher’s Mark Fitzgerald takes a look at Gannett Co.’s second-quarter earnings and says in his Fitz & Co. blog that simply cutting costs, which for the most part means laying off staff, no longer flies for newspaper publishers.

“The Street will no longer be satisfied with earnings pumped up only by continual cost-cutting. Gannett (GCI) handily beat Street estimates of earnings – but its overall earnings, in a quarter when its broadcast properties were humming nicely, was down 1.6%. … GCI got hammered for those results Friday, falling more than 10 percent.”

Gannet’s print and circulation revenues were down for the quarter also.

Other publishers’ stocks are also down as their 2Q reports come in the next several days, Fitzgerald says.

‘E&P’ back in business, top editors not

Friday, January 15th, 2010

Duncan McIntosh Co. Inc., publisher of several well-respected boating magazines and newspapers, has bought and rescued Editor & Publisher magazine, the 126-year-old newspaper industry journal abruptly closed in December.

The new owners announced plans to publish a February print issue and continue the magazine’s monthly print publication schedule, the magazine’s Web site reported. Online reporting on the site,, began immediately upon the close of the transaction Thursday.

Editor Greg Mitchell and senior editor Joe Strupp are out, and Mark Fitzgerald, a 26-year veteran, was named E&P’s new editor. He had most recently served as E&P’s editor-at-large.

E&P keeps hope – and January issue – alive

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Editor & Publisher has announced that it will publish a January issue and refutes claims that its demise, reported last week, was caused by the Romenesko news media blog. A report on the magazine’s Web site attributed to “E&P Staff” adds, “a number of outside companies and individuals have expressed interest in possibly keeping E&P going, so stay tuned for updates.”

“[T]he outpouring of support for E&P from within and outside the newspaper industry, and from readers and advertisers alike, led to a decision by staffers to go forward with the January issue, and continuing to post stories at E&P Online until January 1 when, under current plans, the end of the line will arrive,” E&P says.

Elsewhere on the site, Editor-at-Large Mark Fitzgerald says, “E&P was wounded … by a newspaper industry that continues to contract its production footprint. Newspapers are consolidating printing and distribution plants and centers for back office and copyflow. Publishers and production executives are not greenlighting equipment purchases. They are outsourcing work, and mothballing or selling the machines they already have.

“Those decisions — and the decision-makers who sit in the executive suites and not in the newsroom — have made for a brutal advertising and marketing environment for E&P’s advertisers.”

E&P’s ‘bread and butter’ evaporated

Friday, December 11th, 2009

Anyone who studied journalism in college or hoped to find a job in journalism coming out of college can tell you that their want ads is what Editor & Publisher was all about. And, says MediaJobsDaily, the reliance on classifieds revenue is what killed the 125-year-old publication (see the post below).

“Beyond the fact that classified ads in this specific industry have disappeared, though, job ads — just like everything else that’s a classified ad — have been migrating to the Web. Just another Craigslist casualty. ”

Meanwhile, the news media is all over the death of its most significant trade publication. “The news made the home page of The New York Times, received lengthy reports in The Washington Post, the Associated Press, and other leading papers, along with NPR, CBS News, and other leading outlets, along with hundreds of Web sites and blogs,” says E&P.

E&P staffers received 1,000 or more emails — many from well-known media figures — expressing shock and/or support, some pledging to send money for print or online subscriptions to keep the magazine going. E&P Editor Greg Mitchell was quoted by numerous outlets declaring that the wide show of support gave him hope that someone or some company would step forward and maintain the operation in some form.”

‘Editor & Publisher’ to stop publishing

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

Update: From Editor & Publisher:  “… staffers were informed that E&P, in both print and online, was shutting down.

“The expressions of surprise and outpouring of strong support for E&P that have followed across the Web — Editor & Publisher has even hit No. 4 as a Twitter trending topic — raise the notion that the publication might yet continue in some form. …

“Staff members will stay on for the remainder of 2009. …

“Editor & Publisher was launched in 1901 but traces its history to 1884 — it merged with the magazine The Journalist, which had started on that earlier date.”


The Nielsen Co. said today that it has agreed to sell eight brands belonging to Nielsen Business Media, and in a separate announcement says that it will cease publishing Editor & Publisher and Kirkus Reviews, MediaWeek reports.

E&P’s Fitz & Jen blog says staff members got the news this morning. “It’s early in this process, so it’s not clear yet whether there will be another print issue of magazine, or what will happen to the Fitz & Jen blog.

“What we can say is that at least for some interim period Mark Fitzgerald and Jennifer Saba will continue to report on the business of newspapers. With luck it will be at this site.”

A new company, e5 Global Media, LLC, is acquiring AdweekMedia (which includes Adweek, Mediaweek and Brandweek), The Hollywood Reporter, Billboard, Backstage, The Clio Awards and Film Journal International, MediaWeek says.

Here is the Nielsen release about the sale. The notice about E&P and Kirkus Reviews was not on the site.