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High-def video ads a can’t-miss approach

Monday, June 28th, 2010

The next-generation of advertising online “will let advertisers serve up high-definition, streaming video in real time,” says Mediaweek, and it will be more intrusive than ever.

Hearst Magazines is launching them with a video for Gillette’s Venus Bikini Kit that includes a lifestyle expert providing bathing suit-selection and grooming tips along with mentions of the product and click-to-buy opportunities.

The ads are meant to look more like editorial content than advertising, Mediaweek says.

This fall, Hearst will launch large-format fixed-panel and pushdown ads integrated with editorial content. The entire package will be sharable via Facebook, giving advertisers more potential exposure for their message.

Hearst says the high-def ads get a high response in surveys and, as Mediaweek puts it, “It doesn’t hurt that they bring in 20-30 percent more than standard Web ads.”