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Magazine publishers say ad campaign works

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Publishers Condé Naste, Hearst Magazines, Meredith Corp., Time Inc. and Wenner Media say their “Magazines, The Power of Print” ad campaign has successfully shown advertisers that people still read magazines.

Five publishers joined to tout "The Power of Print."

Five publishers joined to tout "The Power of Print."

“It’s mission accomplished in that, with all the scuttlebutt about the changing media landscape, even through the recession, what really resounded is that all along, the consumer continued to be highly engaged in magazines,” Michael Clinton, president, marketing and publishing director for Hearst Magazines told News & Tech. “We (publishers) saw it in our circulation, we saw it in our audience growth – even among younger people – all of the fundamental consumer statistics have been very strong.”

What has Clinton so excited is a survey of 5,000 readers by GfK MRI in which 62 percent of respondents  agreed with the statement: “This ad made me realize how important magazines are in my daily life,” while 93 percent said they agreed with the statement: “There are a lot of media choices out there, but magazines still matter to me.”

The publishers launched the multi-million-dollar ad campaign in March with print ads, including variations on the message above, and a two-minute video.

The October issue of News & Tech is to have more about the ad campaign.

High-def video ads a can’t-miss approach

Monday, June 28th, 2010

The next-generation of advertising online “will let advertisers serve up high-definition, streaming video in real time,” says Mediaweek, and it will be more intrusive than ever.

Hearst Magazines is launching them with a video for Gillette’s Venus Bikini Kit that includes a lifestyle expert providing bathing suit-selection and grooming tips along with mentions of the product and click-to-buy opportunities.

The ads are meant to look more like editorial content than advertising, Mediaweek says.

This fall, Hearst will launch large-format fixed-panel and pushdown ads integrated with editorial content. The entire package will be sharable via Facebook, giving advertisers more potential exposure for their message.

Hearst says the high-def ads get a high response in surveys and, as Mediaweek puts it, “It doesn’t hurt that they bring in 20-30 percent more than standard Web ads.”

More from magazine publishers: video

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

Five magazine publishers have put together a two-minute video to tell the story of magazines and pass along the message that “print is not dead,” Mr. Magazine reported Tuesday.

Monday we read about a print advertising campaign touting magazines.

“Cathie Black, president of Hearst Magazines; Jack Griffin, president of Meredith National Media; Ann Moore, chairman & CEO of Time Inc.; Charles Townsend, president & CEO of Condé Nast; and Jann Wenner, chairman of Wenner Media launched their ‘good news’ celebration video yesterday at the opening of the American Association of Advertising Agencies meeting in New York City,” Samir Husni wrote.