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Magazine publishers press case in magazines

Monday, March 1st, 2010

Five leading magazine publishers have joined for a multimillion-dollar ad campaign to “press the case that magazines remain an effective advertising medium in the age of the Internet because of the depth and lasting quality of print, compared with the ephemeral nature of much of the Web’s content,” the Wall Street Journal said Monday.

Time Inc., Hearst, Condé Nast, Wenner Media and Meredith will run nearly 1,400 pages of the ads  in such publications as People, Vogue, Ladies’ Home Journal and other magazines this year.

“The five publishers say they have committed to run the first of the ads in the front one-fifth of their titles’ pages, and have agreed to run all subsequent ads in the first half.

“The ad space they are devoting to the campaign is valued at more than $90 million, based on public ad rates for each of their participating magazines,” the WSJ said.

Elsewhere, said the Journal, the Newspaper Association of America has run repeated ads to publicize the number of people who read a daily newspaper. As with the magazine campaign, the newspaper trade group says its ads are designed to counter the notion print is a dead medium. The local-TV industry’s trade group is starting an on-air ad campaign this month to encourage companies to advertise on their local TV stations.

Magazine publishers optimistic

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Magazine publishers Time Inc., Condé Nast and Hearst Magazines expect advertising to be “up or at least flat through March,” Crain’s New York Business says.

The report also says “advertisers that had been focused primarily on the Web are coming back to print. Automakers in particular have rediscovered magazines as they plan new model launches this year.”

Publishers Information Bureau says ad pages across the industry fell 26 percent in 2009, and ad revenue slid 18 percent.

Publishers introduce ‘digital newsstand’

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

A full-color, touch-screen digital magazine being developed by five major publishers is expected to “grab not just readers but also advertisers, allowing publishers to charge higher rates for digital ads, which now are much cheaper than print ads,” The New York Times says.

Time Inc., Conde Nast, the Hearst Corporation, Meredith and the News Corporation unveiled plans for a “digital newsstand” Tuesday after weeks of speculation. It is to be “an industry-standard platform to present their work on the Web, phones and e-readers” that is “more advanced than anything now on the market, [along with] e-readers far more sophisticated than today’s mostly static, black-and-white devices,” The Times says.

A video from Time shows how it might work.

“The five partners own the venture – they have not disclosed how big an investment they are making in the project – but they hope to recruit other publishers to use the software they develop,” according to The Times.