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Print can’t even market itself well, Shafer says

Friday, October 1st, 2010

Jack Shafer, media critic for Slate, is not so impressed with the Newspaper Association of America ad campaign aimed at persuading advertisers that newspapers remain a viable marketing medium.

The ads are “so bad I can imagine advertisers interpreting it as the newspaper industry’s no-confidence vote in itself,” Shafer says. “Nobody would blame advertisers if they looked at the NAA ad and used it as an excuse to pull their buys from … papers.”

A second campaign for magazines that the Magazine Publishers of America recently claimed is working also fails to impress Shafer, though he doesn’t explain specifically why.

“If anybody understands how to make a print advertisement that really, really works, it should be newspaper and magazine people,” Shafer says. “But these two campaigns are so bumbling, so unpersuasive, so dull, that you’ve got to wonder whether any advertising intelligence went into making them. Maybe the goal was to sell the newspaper and magazine businesses as outposts of the desperate and pitiful worthy of advertiser charity. If so, Clios all around.”

Magazines lost fourth of ad pages in ’09

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

Magazine advertising dropped by a whopping 25 percent in 2009, the worst performance in a decade of keeping track, according to figures from the Magazine Publishers of America quoted in The New York Times earlier this week.

In 2001, when the country was hit by a 911-inspired recession, American magazines’ ad pages declined by 17.2 percent from the previous year.

“There were few winners in 2009, but those that retained advertising tended to be mass-market magazines that ran recession-compatible content and ads,” the NYT report says.