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A win for newspapers in Kansas City

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Bottom Line Communications, which follows media and marketing issue in the Kansas City area, says a local supermarket chain that left the Kansas City Star for direct mail marketing is taking its advertising back to the newspaper.

The chain, Hen House, has 29 stores in the area.

The KC Star is a McClatchy newspaper, and we saw this first at McClatchy Watch.

McClatchy nemesis no longer watching

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

McClatchy Watch, the popular, right-leaning, McClatchy-loathing blog, has come to an end, its author, Kevin Gregory, announced today.

He has run the site for 27 months and for the past several months averaged 2,000 hits on weekdays and about half that on weekends, he says. But he’s had enough and has “more responsibilities at work and … plans for more time with my family.”

We appreciate him for linking to posts at The Medium, The Message on occasion and for adding us to his site’s list of media links.