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News sites: Will annoy for cash

Monday, April 11th, 2011

Media Bistro’s 10,000 Words blog presents 5 Annoying News Site Ads and Why to Avoid Them, saying newspapers are hurting themselves with their online ads.

“It’s one thing to sell advertisements, and it’s another thing to annoy your visitors with them,” writes Meranda Watling. “Want to know the easiest way to get a reader to exit a webpage? Post an ad that detracts from your content and talks (or sings — true story), jumps in the way of the content, moves around so it can’t be closed, crashes browsers or floods users’ CPUs with an abundance of pop-overs and -unders complete with seizure-inducing animation and headache-inducing jingles.”

The message is the massage, baby

Monday, February 7th, 2011

MediaBistro’s Agency Spy points us to “Advertising Pick-Up Lines” which is put together by a group of University of Missouri advertising students.

“If sexual innuendo spliced with industry speak is your cup of tea,” Agency Spy says, “by all means enjoy.”