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Print continues to bleed newspapers

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

Newspaper ad revenue continues its slide in first quarter numbers released this week showing a drop of 9.48 percent in print revenue that struggles up to an overall fall of 7 percent when it’s levened by gains in online.

Revenues from online sales increased 10.6 percent to $807.9 million, according to Newspaper Association of America numbers, but even that was down from a 14 percent gain in the final quarter of 2010.

This quarter’s $4.7 billion in print revenue is off 55 percent from the first quarter of 2006, making it the 20th straight quarter of year-over-year print revenue declines.

Alan D. Mutter of Reflections of a Newsosaur called the news “an unexpectedly sharp decline” and said “newspapers now appear to be entering the sixth year of an unprecedented collapse.”

Eric Sass at Media Daily News said then numbers “suggest that newspaper print ad revenues are locked into a permanent, long-term decline.”

Revenue from online advertising represented a 14.5 percent share of total newspaper ad dollars in the first quarter of the year, an all-time high.

On the print side, national ads dropped 11 percent, retail declined 9.5 percent, and classifieds slid 8.15 percent.

Newspaper circulation continues decline

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

“[T]here’s no getting around the fact that newspaper circulation continues to fall at a pretty good clip,” says Media Daily News in its look at the Audit Bureau of Circulations report for April-September.

The ABC report shows total daily newspaper circulation down 5 percent from the previous year and Sunday circulation down 4.5 percent for the 635 publications tracked.

The rate of loss has slowed compared to last year and even earlier this year but, “Over the last decade, total daily newspaper circulations have declined about 34 percent from 56 million in 2003 to 37.1 million this year,” Media Daily News says.

Lower circulation translates into less justification for newspapers’ advertising rates, forcing them lower when they can make the sale at all.

The one exception in the ABC report is The Wall Street Journal’s circulation, which grew 1.8 percent to more than 2.06 million (in print and digital editions), making the WSJ “now the nation’s largest newspaper in terms of daily circulation.”