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McClatchy to automate online ad creation

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

McClatchy newspapers are set to begin using a computer program that automatically creates online advertisements for local businesses, the New York Times reported Friday.

After the user types in the business name and location, PlaceLocal builds a display ad automatically, “scouring the Internet for references to (the business)” the NYT says. “Then it combines the photographs it finds with reviews, customer comments and other text into a customized online ad for the business.”

“The company has … signed up the McClatchy newspaper chain and will soon be on some of its Web sites,” Roger Lee, chief operating officer of PaperG, the program’s developer, told the newspaper.

The program is already in use on 32 local media websites, including Time Out New York and Time Out Chicago, and on 29 network TV affiliates owned or managed by Hearst Television, Lee said.

Advertisers pay about $150 a month to $500 or more, based primarily on how many times the ad is shown, and PaperG takes a percentage of this fee.

“Because the program creates an ad in moments, it saves the time of people on the Web site who might normally need to build the ad themselves, or work with the customer to build one. That can translate into lower charges,” Shaina Park, a sales representative at Time Out New York said.

Victor Wong, PaperG’s chief executive, said sales reps at media companies also use PlaceLocal to create sample or “spec” ads to show potential customers.