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McClatchy to roll out online marketing program

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

The McClatchy Company said today it will sell the WebVisible online marketing program through each of its major newspapers by the end of the year.  Advertising sales for the program in March at the  papers already using it were roughly five times higher than the previous month, a news release says.

WebVisiblea program that has its detractors – is marketed as an online advertising manager for local businesses that buys advertising space across a variety of media. The company’s release says:  “WebVisible’s technology puts an advertiser’s ads where they’ll generate the most response from interested buyers for the least money.  Customer leads can come in any form – phone calls, e-mails, SMS text messages, form fills, printed driving directions or video views – and advertisers get full reporting so they know how the leads are coming in and from where.”

McClatchy has been selling the program in Kansas City, Mo.; Tacoma, Wash.; Fresno, Calif.; Anchorage, Alaska; and Charlotte, N.C. The next phase will include Boise, Idaho; Miami, Fla.; and Sacramento, Calif. By December, it is to be available at each of McClatchy’s 30 daily newspapers in 29 U.S. markets.