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Cold snap needn’t freeze out opportunity

Monday, January 11th, 2010

Smart and nimble companies aim their marketing at cold people as temperatures plummet, Advertising Age says. The medium for their message has to be smart and nimble, too.

Campbell Soup monitors weather patterns and pulls out its chicken soup radio ads whenever a region trips the bar on the firm’s “misery index.” Zappos has added more winter apparel to its Web page, along with the headline “Cold Weather Outfits Are Hot!”

“As marketers take advantage of the cold front sweeping the nation, they turn to media that can be swiftly adjusted such as spot radio, e-mail marketing and search advertising,” the article says. “Dan Schock, a retail industry director at Google, said that, for companies looking to buy against newly popular search terms such as ‘hot chocolate,’ ‘weather forecast’ or ‘long underwear,’ his team can launch new search campaigns in just a few hours.”